Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have you gone Mental? (LIV)

It is Sunday, "the Lords Day". As a Christian this is the day when I take 1 1/2 hours to worship and to learn more about my life as a believer. This in addition to daily medication/contemplation.

This is an important time of meeting with my faith community to engage in fellowship, gain support, give support, receieve teaching from the Bible, and plan outreach to their community. This has become a very important part of my recovery.

One does not have to attend Church to be a Christian. The disturbing thing is that many of those who spurn "church" in order to call themselves "spiritual may not take the time each week in a community experience that brings them "closer" to God. The concept of church from the beginning has been an opportunity to gather with those of like faith to discuss higher power, experience fellowship, and plan outreach to their commnity.

Spitiuality is a popular concept these days. Christians believe that spirituality grows out a community experience. Spiritual experience is based on a commuity of "believers". It was never meant to be an individual, isolative entity that substitutes for a true spiritual experience.

Many among my Christian friends stand alone and do not gather with others on a regular basis to discuss their common faith. They believe church is unnecessary, this puts them in the company of those who reject the teaching of Jesus Christ.

My thought is spirituality cannot (in the long haul) exist apart from being involved in a "faith community". Spirituality recognizes a relationship with the spirit; and is an important CHRISTIAN beief. Those who say "I am spiritual" mean that they are not a part of any organized religion. In fact is it also an excuse to avoid going to church. Like I said, one does not need to attend church or follow any religion to be a Christian OR spiritual. The other side states that the Bible is full of contridictions and so Christinity is fallable. Christinity IS fallable (just like every religion) AND they believe that the Bible is the resource for faith and practice of our faith.

It is alarming to me the number of "Christians" who reject church as a valuable part of their lives. Attending church has been a mainstay for me for many years. Not just showing up, but being an encouragment to others and receiving help from others in my life, as I mentioned. The key of spirituality is being present to others. Somtimes the key to spiituality is to place service above self.

Christians are called to place faith in Jesus so we can be spiritual as part of a faith commuity. If one searches the pages of he Bible, one will be hard pressed to find a Chritian who is isolaed from a faith community.

Those who are separate from a faith ommmuity usually do not want to be a part of orginaed "religion", have been hurt by someone who is part of a faith community, and/or do not want to be held to any Christtian beliefs, and downright laziness.

On this Lord's day, re-consider the importance of a healthy faith community for your
"home base". This will provide a foundation of your spiritually. One can be spiritual and be part of a faith community. I would ask you to consider it whether you call yourself a Chrisian or not. Research and try out some faith commuitiuies. I prefer the small faith commuity. We have but 15 to 20 poeple who connect with one another each week. We pay our Pastor a small salary, pay rent in a store front business office building and say: we feature "hurch, but not as you remember it. We even hestate to call ourselves a church and prefer to refer to ourseves as the Fresh Faith Commity"

This IS an advertisement. NOT for the Fresh Faith Commuinty, but for you to consider becoming involved in a faith commuity whatever that may be. This will provide teaching, fellowship, and the constant opportunity to connect with others.

This works well for me. It is a positive thing to do and add to your bag of tricks. Give it a try!

Typos and all . . . God Bless you.

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