Saturday, October 2, 2010

Havbe you gone Mental? (XXXV)

I am grateful today, as I often am, for my support team. I hope you have one too whether you have a mental illness or not. Me wife Janet is my primary supporter. She is a comforter, my empathizer (not sympathizer) and a wonderful encourager. She makes suggestions openly, but with a gentle touch. Janet is very intuitive. She speaks and I wonder if she has been reading my mind! She has a tremendous amount of wisdom. She says I talk in my sleep, but she knows far more than my midnight utterances that rarely make sense. She is a dear and I love her very much.

My oldest daughter Erin was around this weekend. She, too, is a comfort and an encouragement to me. It seems she is able to be the gentle listener as well as a master of exhortation. She can tell me when I'm not thinking right and asks pointed questions to bring me back on track. She can be a little stronger in her suggestions than Janet, much the time. I know she doesn't get that from MY side of the family! I was 21 when she was born and I'm ... older now and so is she. Maybe older than I am in some ways. At times I think she has a 36 year old body and a 57 year old soul.

I also need to mention my friend George. George was a First Sergeant in the Army and is now retired. Maybe enough said! He is very no nonsense. "How was your day? What were your last few days like? Troubles? What did you do about it? Why didn't you call me? What were you thinking!?! Simple, direct, drill sergeant like but also like the gentle "character giant" he is.

I also saw Peter this week. Peter is the (now retired)therapist and current minister who saved my life, literally, in 1984. I was at the end of my rope. My depression-anxiety was taking me closer and closer to a suicide attempt. When I made that attempt He was there, saved my life and got me admitted into a hospital for a "vacation from my problems." He was a person who truly cared about me, I believe, from the moment he met me. Over the years since, he has become not only my friend, but my mentor. He and I meet weekly and talk about his stuff, my stuff, and what's happening in this crazy nation of ours. He is careful with my soul and my spirit and is a true soul companion. A true brother.

These have been the closest people to me beginning last January when my world fell apart and my depression and anxiety got the best of me. When I thought I wanted to take my own life in late May all these people were there. Janet got me admitted to the hospital. I needed much more than a vacation from my problems this time. Janet also faithfully drove me to Portland to my Partial Hospital program and then my Intensive Out Patient program; lovingly and with great care. She, my loving wife, called this group together to support me

I hope I haven't bored you with the list of angels in my life. I guess if you were bored you'd have stopped reading almost instantly. Anyway if you're still with me, once again I hope you will gather one or two close supporters around you and love them as they love you.

Typos and all .... God Bless You!

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