Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have You Gone Mental? (95)

I had a pretty good couple of weeks until Monday. It was then I received a gigantic kick in the gut. I spent about 5 minutes on the phone and I am still reeling from the news I received. I am feeling invalidited, very sad, and little angry. This, of course, has resulted in depression of a moderate degree. I was very much caught off guard by the phone call and it affected me very negatively.

This morning the anxiety returned with full force. I dont think it was all due to the news I received, but is a large part of it. I'm using my tools and getting some relief. It seems that my cruising along in a good space for a couple of weeks ended in a rather sudden stop. I've not been keeping up very well with my tools and I certainly paid for it.

I am still rather upset by this incident. I will recover from it, but it will be a few days of concentrating on my tools and a talk with my psychologist. They tell me "this too shall pass". I know it will, but today that is little consolation, but provides some hope...

Typos and all . . .God Bless You.

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