Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you gone Mental? (XXVIIII)

It was nice to have my daughter and her family with us for the weekend. It is one of those gifts that a Father anticipates and tremendously enjoys. I sure seem young to have a daughter that old; of course when one fathers his first child at 21, I suppose that is the natural result.

My moods today were up and down as most days. I woke up pretty highly anxious as I do almost every morning. This lasted through breakfast, preparations to leave, and the arrival and one(+) hours attendance at church. After church we went to visit Janet's mom. It was there I crashed, I mean I slept almost the entire time. I was groggy upon my awakening and had a hard time getting up out of the chair to get out to the car. When we got home 20 minutes later I watched that last half of the Seahawks victory. When the game ended I went back to sleep for another hour or so before I needed to get ready for Janet's and my finance class we attend Sunday nights at 6:00. I was still wiped out, although I think attentive and enjoyed the experience. We drove home and I took care of a few paperwork things that needed to be done, helped my wife make the bed, and tucked her in. She has another long day tomorrow.

I now sit in front of my computer listening to my son's IPOD Touch... across the room. He needs to turn that thing down! Also on TV is another news program where some grey haired pundit (I guess I'd be a no-haired pundit)is still blaming President GW Bush after almost two years for all things evil. Geez, those guys really hold a Grudge! It's no wonder when Jay Leno described his version of the Democratic platform it was A-B-C, "B" was "Blame Bush". Wow, I wish I understood politics, well maybe I don't. Political process is kind of like hotdogs. We really like them until we see how they're made. My old Pappy used to say. "What you see depends on where ya stand." From where I stand looking at both parties I see a bunch of buffoons! Well thats the national news. Now back to our program...

Whether one has mixed depression-anxiety or bi-polar diaorder, a lot of your days, or even every fews hours, are up and down. My downs today came at several different moments. I'm not sure I can define what touched them off. On a couple of occasions
they brought me to tears. You must wonder what its like to live with me... anxiety, a few anxous tremors, depression, and tears ... what a blast, huh? Well its hard enough for me to live with myself. I can't imagine what its like for my family. I love them and pray for them upon my every thought of them throughout the day.

If you are a fellow sufferer with mental illness, pray for those who love and support you on a daily basis. Pray that you can somehow serve and encourage THEM. Give back to them what they bring to you in the way of love and encouragement.

What are the things you want in your life in light of your illness? My prayer and hope for myself is that I'll be filled with Love, joy, peace, faith, and hope.

1. Love can help us overcome negativity toward ourselves and others. Loving ourselves and loving others is key to recovery.

2. Joy can assist us to oversome our sadness and depression. Joy is an impotant by- product of love and unlike happiness, is enduring and not dependent on life situations.

3. Peace can help us overcome our worry and anxiety. Peace of mind is what we all seek. By now we all know it comes from within. Everything offered from the outside is transitory, temporary, and often contrived.

4. Faith can assist us to overcome our fear. Faith is interesting because it is a gift from God that flows from faith in God ... having belief in the unknown and the unknowable. Jesus said, "Have faith in God." Doing THAT can take away a truck load of fear.

5. Hope can help us overcome feelings of dispair that are part and parcel of the mental health disorders that continue to plague us. Hope allows us to think outside the box of these disorders. Hope allows us to think that someday in some way, we shall be healed. An expression of hope is when a person dares to think that healing is possible for "ME".

Typos and all ... God bless you.

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