Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have you gone Mental? (XXIV)

Have you ever learned something you already knew? Yesterday I awakened with my usual anxiety and then depression joined the party. After the kids left for school and my wife left for her morning class. I decided to run some errands just to get out of the house and see something else besides the "four walls".

I went first to Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things. If that place can't cheer you up you must not have a pulse (Ha! just kidding). Then I drove to the Post Office down on Daniels to see what grand news awaited in our mail. Nothing real depressing there. I gave it a "7" on a scale of 1-10. "1" is a stack of bills we can't possibly pay, "10" is nothing in the box but a card from my daughter (which makes it a "20" actually) or, of course, nothing at all. No bills, no threatening letters from any company to which we owe money.

I then decided with nothing else to do and a diminishing fuel supply I'd go back home. When I got home Missy was waiting at the door. Missy is a Heinz 57 dog with some graying around the mouth and "head" ... kind of like looking in a mirror for me! I sat down in my chair, turned on the TV and who was there but Walker, Texas Ranger. I am a Chuck Norris junkie but even Chuck couldn't do for me what I so desperately needed was then that Missy came up and put her head on my lap and I began to pet her. I was so wonderful to learn what I already knew. Animals have a sense of things. They seem to know when someone is upset. Missy isn't our dog. We are "dog sitting" her for about a week for my Mother in Law, while she is away on a trip.

As I began to pet her and her tail wagged; I began to calm. My anxiety decreased slightly. My depression went into hiding. It was an experience I'd never had. (She just visited me for a pat on the head as I'm writing.) I'd formed a bond with a dog who seemed to really care. This may sound idiotic to some of you. However I knew from experience with my friend George, who had a service dog for many years that this was entirely possible. For instance George and his dog, Murray, had a special relationship. it was as if Murray knew the English language. He also had a sense of George's health. George is diabetic. When his blood varied from its healthy range, Murray would put his paw on Gorges knee. George would check his blood sugar and would find his blood glucose level was either too high or too low. Amazing!

This dog, not even mine, seemed to have the same sixth sense (if dogs have six senses). The comfort in time of need overwhelmed me. I was on the edge of tears as this animal ministered to me. She will return home today and I will miss her. Our relationship has grown over the 8 days she has been with us and I don't want her to go home. I think I will need to have visitation privileges.

I had heard how animals could calm the "savage" emotions of a human, but had never experienced it. If you are feeling anxious or depressive, and have a dog, take time to learn something you already know. I did and it was tremendous. I'll never forget what she did for me.

Typos and all, God bless you (and your dog)..

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  1. I'm getting you a dog. A lap dog. Boom. Oh...and you've made me cry with that image of Missy. xoxo