Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have You Gone Mental? (81)

Greetings all...

I'm still caught between reflection and grief over the death of my friend. My reflection? I will one day die. I am living now and need to be a positive influence in everyone's life I am providentially allowed to touch. Some may think I've had my chance. Counseling, mentoring, preaching, teaching, coaching and spiritual direction have taken the bulk of my career up until now. I hope to return to coaching and spiritual direction one day. They are wonderful and effective ways to reach individuals positively and see lives change. I absolutely love it when somoene comes up to me and tells me how I've affected their life in a positive way.

I am the product of many such people who reached out to me to mentor, coach, direct and counsel. There was Howard, Loren, David, Tom, Ken, John, Sonny, Peter, Ric, George, Peter, Erin, and many others. I am of all men most blessed. All these individuals had/have a positive affect on my life. I pray God will provide the opportunity of ministry for me as I move through my life. That is my goal.

My anxiety-depression? They go on apace. Up days down days, up part-time, down part-time, all over the place. Sometimes I'm calm sometimes I'm in breathtaking termoil. Suicidal ideation persists from time to time. Very few urges come, but thoughts remain. This is frustrating. I am becoming adept at breathing through these feelings and to redirect my thinking. These and many more techniques are finding themselves entering my life. Sometomes this is so difficult. Those of you in the same "boat" know.

I am keeping a daily numerical data card to help me. I'll share some of these interventon in one of my future blogs. For now, when you feel depressed or anxious, breathe deeply and follow your breath as it enters your nose. Feel it to again as you exhale. Remain mindful of your breach as you feel it enter and release. This will help center you and bring you clarity. Talk to yourself... "everything is going to be alright... this too will pass". Find a phrase that will serve you well as you exhale. Above all, dont give up... NEVER. ... EVER give up.

Typos and all ... God Bless You

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