Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have You Gone Mental (78)

Well I couldn't have guessed this, but I have bronchitis again! I took a time to spend my time recuperating and didn't blog, but I couldn'thelp it.

I've been working on my anxiety-depression using a new method, which I believe I alluded to lately. Its called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It is a very focused method (supposed to be more effective in a group) that I am beginning to learn about. I don't think I am still ready to join of group of people I don't know. The experience is still one think that puts me on the edge of a bad anxiety attack. This is difficult because I love people, I just can't stand to be around too many of them OR around a group of people I dont know.

I've been enjoying time with my kids on the phone and in person. It is somewhat energizing. Erin have kept in touch the most and my friends George and Peter have also been faithful in their encouragment in person and by telephone.

I passed by my former place of employment this week and remembered, tearfully, how much I missed that past of my life. This time of anxiety-depression has taught me to make my family and home the greatest joy. Work was taking its place.

Well there I am a little positive stuff and a little negative stuff. A little pain and a little pleasure.

Typos and All ... God Bless You.

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