Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Mental Life (3)

This has been a week of ups and downs. The downs were the usual ones; DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. Some days I thought the depression was taking more and more charge of my life. I absolutely hate this. Thankfully this was short lived. Sometimes it feels like three steps forward and two steps back. Admittedly, that s still progress, but not as much as I expected by this time.

I had a great Spring Break with my children and grandchildren. I greatly aided my mood. I love those little grandchildren: Flanny, Canon, Phoenix, and Loreli. We missed out seeing Blake on the trip. They have an honesty that is so revealing and sometimes shocking.

I got to stay a couple nights extra with Erin and her family. Being so close to the ocean with such a panoramic view of the Seaside area was beautiful and calming.

God be with You.

Now, back home I have entered a more active life with walks with the dog ands workouts at the gym on a regular basis. I fine this physical exertion to be helpful in combating both depression and anxiety.

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