Monday, November 22, 2010

Have You Gone Mental? (LXII)

Life throws things at us nearly everyday. It seems that once we feel we're doing ok and have come to some sort of balance, BAM! Its not the sound of "the other show dropping" as it is both shoes dropping at once. We often exit the episode feeling like a squished bug.

It seems like there is no way to avoid this because it happiness to everyone whether they suffer from depression-anxiety or not. Those who don't, seem to handle things much better. They can feel the feelings, assess what happened and the ramifications thereof. They then organize their thoughts in the face of the stress, make a strategy, execute the strategy and move on.

WOW! That sounds great! Why can't I do that? Those of us who deal daily with depression-anxiety have the will but lack the how to. No that isn't true. We seem to lack the strength to carry out the "how to".

Depression-anxiety strikes at and affects our thoughts, feelings and our ability to take action. Its like the old proverb says, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." We want so badly to face our tribulations head on and successfully drive them away from our lives. Our spirits are willing. We want to have the ability to overcome our problems with faith and resolve. Our flesh is week. Depression-anxiety lies at the core of our want to with a resounding "YOU CAN'T". This is where our learned interventions come into play. I have called this our "bag of tricks." Remember just because we may have a cute name for this supply of interventions, it is a cache of powerful steps we can take to restore equilibrium in our lives. This coupled with the ability to "allow" (calmly feel our feelings as an outside observer)is a great combination.

I like to think through my bag of tricks daily and especially my affirmations. This kind of builds a safety net for me for when the storms of life begin to blow and both shoes drop on top of me. It is important to develop affirmations that are very positive. The point is to strengthen our self-esteem and our "I can do it" attitude.

The Apostle Paul said in the New Testament, "Everyone is affected by difficult things but God is faithful and will not allow us to undergo any trouble that is beyond our ability to bare." Paul believed that God is watching out for us and though the trials of life come crashing down he will offer us his strength if we can manage to trust in him while we use our personal interventions to take care of ourselves.

The idea that God has a purpose for our lives becomes lost in the quagmire of depression-anxiety. In fact some of us may not believe it. I do believe it ( as a Christian)and even so I have forgotten this "a gillion times". I seem to come back to it as I practice my prayer and mediation nearly every day. I like to be able to say, "This is a hard day AND God is with me."

No matter what your faith tradition, if any, successful handling of the trials of life is not for the faint of heart. Call upon God, the Great Spirit, your higher power, your highest self, whatever it is for you and ask for the faith to move through the particular trial you are facing. Allow this power (God) the latitude to minister to you, give you wisdom and strength and walk with you through the trial at hand.

This is very difficult, but when the tribulations of life strike, remember to use your affirmations such as "I'm getting better every day" "This too shall pass" or whatever helps you and trust in God to bring you through.

Typos and all ... God bless you.

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