Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have You Gone Mental - 67

Too much of a good thing?
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve, my daughter and daughter in law came over for a couple hours. I always enjoy this time, especially because they live so many miles away. Thanksgiving found me at my mother in law's home for dinner from about 3:00 to 7:00. The food was great and we had quite a few people over. Friday AM my wife and I did some "Black Fridaying" from 4:00 to about 9:00. At this point I came home for a nap before meeting my friend Peter for lunch at 11:30. I got home at one or so, watched some football and dozed in my chair. Saturday we had my brother and law and his wife over to watch the Huskies beat Cal 16-13 (I think that was the score). We then went out to Pizza with my brother and sister in laws and their spouses. My brother and law and his wife came over for pie before heading north to begin their journey home to Bellingham

These were all great times of fellowship, they were fun. I enjoyed each outing and time of being with those people and each night I would crash in my chair, totally exhausted.

The times were enjoyable to me but totally sapped me of my energy. It was too much of a good thing. I ended last night (Saturday) totally exhausted (physically. emotionally, and mentally in my recliner. I did a breathing exercise both during and after each time we were with someone, which helped a lot.

I use the words totally exhausted because the times of fellowship, as pleasant as they were, truly took almost all the emotional strength I could muster. This morning I will go to church. I have already meditated this morning and found some peace. I always look forward to attending our small church each week. We usually have 20 or 25 people in attendance to sing, spent time with one another, and hear some great teaching from Pastor Pete.

Although the weekend really took it out of me, it was not the people. This is important. I love all the people with whom I spent time. It was just having a day of depression-anxiety; due to my involvement in so many things, I was not able to "keep up emotionally". In other words, no fault lies at the feet of my family and "in-laws" I just took part in too much of a good thing. I am looking forward to today, watching football with my son and just relaxing. This will help me mellow out from the busy weekend. I with to extend a big thank you to those who invited me on their trips and to dinner. I love every moment of the time, took extra medication and tried to take care of myself in between.

I don't know if this characterizes your weekend, but I can tell you that my "no thanks button" was not working. However, I am thankful for all who love me and hope that next year will find me able to participate with a more relaxed demeanour.

Typos and all,,, God bless you.

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