Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you gone mental (II).

There are no advantages to what I am going through. One thing I learned was how much friends mean to you in times of trouble. My wife, Janet, was the number one support. She took off work to care for me, she drove me to appointments, took me on outings and did other things she thought would help... so often she was right.

Peter and George called every day to check on and encourage me. Both long time friends were shelters in the time of storm ... those I could count on to bouy me each time I was going down for the third time.

My daughter Erin also called me daily sending her special love and even sent me cards. Her daughter Flannery (my beautiful grandaughter) made a special card that still sits by my chair. It is a get well card that was so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes. Erin has been a strong support.

I've also received cards and e-mails from members of my Rotary Club and my former fellow employees at the hospital.

Others, in one way or another, asked if they could join the team of my supporters (inner circle) and were not invited, not because of any feelings they would not be helpful, or be unable to lend support. Quite the opposite! I now am so thankful for their Facebook postings e-mails, cards, and a book on prayer sent by my dear friends, Brenda and Jim. All lent very positive support.

I felt I had to work through this on my own with very few people since my anxiety kept me from being able to communicate regularly with too many individuals. More and more people are very helpful and I feel a great deal of love for them.

My social circle has widened somewhat. Being in public places and with too many people is very difficult for me. I am grateful for all well-wishes and prayers and give thanks everyday that so many of you are thinking about me and holding me in your thoughts.

In the next blog I will expand on my treatment experience ... read along if you have interest. Thanks to Bob, Toni, Brenda and Jim, Suzanne and Terry, my children, my Mom, and so many more too numerous to name.

(I apologize for any typos and things that don't seem to make sense. I hope I can reconcile them later.)

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