Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have You Gone Mental (72)

Its been sometime since I have blogged. Three of four of us in our family have been ill or in some way incapacitated. Generally illness: bronchitis, flu, throat infections pass in due time.

Janet tore her meniscus in her right knee about a month and a half ago during a trip to our daughter's house in Colfax. She had surgery Friday (three days ago). Friday night found her in moderate pain be cause we think that a third shot after surgery helped get her through the night after surgery (just a theory). Saturday found her in much worse pain. She is using a cane to go to the bathroom and other places around the house with my help, as needed. Today (Sunday) is a little better. She slept better last night and is getting the "Dr. House" method of cane utilization down to a science.

A blessing for us was her good friend Terri who came for the weekend to help. She did some hands on things with Janet, went to the store multiple times, and made us about five meals to keep us fed very well (like I need that). She has been a friend of Janet's for about 20 years. She was an angel. She went home this morning to her apartment in Seattle. Sue, Janet's sister, brought over a cassarole today which was very good. Her visit along with her Mom and her niece made her day more pleasant. Our kids at home have been helpful as well.

Adding lots of well-wishers on the telephone really brightened her days too. I was feeling bad about her pain but much better about the care she received and that I could be a part of that. The healing will continue and Janet and I will be spending the main part of each day together the next few days. She is really an amazing person. I know this type of blog is different, but I had to share with you that as helpful as Janet has been to me as I deal with my depression-anxiety, I get a chance to return at least part of the favor to her. She has done more for me that I've done for her, but it feels good and had a good affect on my depression (because I didn't feel worthless). My anxiety has been focused on her. She will get better and better, but my worry does not subside; and that's ok.

Well, that's been my life this weekend.

Typos and all ... God Bless You!

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